It's been almost six months since our last official post...rounding into December we have now reached the one year mark since our very first commercial beer release...and what a year it's been.

Our very minuscule experimental brewing project has grown slightly...from starting with 50L batches of single keg beers, to 300L batches making their way around Melbourne and in several special cases, over to Sydney as well. There have been some relatively strange ingredients used over the past year: orange water, rose water, licorice, fruit peels, ginger juice, root vegetables, excessive amonts of salt, spices, oak, coffee, molasses, Melbourne backyard grown hops, bacon!...and a whole lot of different kinds of tea.

Speaking of tea, we sign off with our last releases of 2014 for our unofficial first birthday party and High Tea event at The Alehouse Project, 6 taps of our latest concoctions, 4 of which are specialty tea infused numbers designed to toy with your taste buds. After all, it all started for us with a tasty little drop called Deep Steep (chamomile infused amber ale)...why not pay homage to our beginnings? Something I'm sure we'll continue to do for a while yet.

We must thank all of the amazing, locally minded venues and people in and around Melbourne in particular for supporting us thus far. It's been an encouraging journey with some wacky flavours, that's for sure. They will keep on coming I can promise you that. Are there any renderings of beer you might want to see come to fruition? Any intense flavour that you are dying to get into your pint? Get in touch and we might just make that happen. Stay thirsty and happy holidays!

Steve and Dan

NEWS AND BREWS - July 2014

Well the past couple of weeks have brought forward some inevitable "Melbourne style" cold weather. As a result Make Beer has purchased matching no-animals-harmed faux-fur mink hat & coat garments, for sale at our online store of course. We are also officially* dedicating ourselves to exclusively brewing dark beers only as our new niche**.

Getting down to business, dark beer. We've got two new ones for you. One of them is a real dark beer and the other is a fake dark beer. What could that possibly mean you ask?

Bangkok Nights is a black California common that has almost no associations with dark beer apart from it's near-black colour. It may possibly be the most refreshing shadow coloured beer that you've ever tasted with its fresh, slight hoppyness, light body and Thai-themed kaffir lime/lemongrass twist. It'll be popping up on the taps of Curry Cafe Northcote, Brother Burger and the Marvellous Brew, and Beer Deluxe Hawthorn.

A Russian in Kentucky is the culmination and pinnacle of all dark beers. If black beers were people they would undoubtedly work hard at their jobs, day in and day out, year after year, slowly but surely striving to get to the almost unacheivable top of the heap, the czar of all dark beers, the oak aged Russian imperial stout. If you've been struggling to grow that perfectly thick moustache, or if you've been hoping that patchy beard would eventually fill in, no need to continue hunting online for weird supplements from far-away jungles. This beer will almost certainly  (maybe) help in all hair-growth shortcomings of men and women alike. It will also be available for a very limited time during The Dark Side of Beer #2 at The Alehouse Project starting July 7th!

*not officially
**with the exception of the pale, amber, pink and rainbow coloured beers that we're sure to release along the way as well. 


April was a busy month...and now it's May. We'll be churning out the new releases this month, and if you happen to be at the right place at the right time, you may cross paths with one of our latest concoctions. 

The Community Hop Ale, that we were "calling all hops" for back in March is now brewed. Big thanks to Alex, Ben, Chris, David, Steven, Josh, Russell, Ivo, Mik, Luke and Helen for their hop contributions, this beer would never exist without them. It's turned out to be an interesting one too, using 100% backyard/garden-grown hops from the Melbourne area this beer carries true terroir and is impossible to brew again due to the completely unique hop combination used. It's one of a kind, but we like it that way. If you'd like to check it out and help us support 3000acres (a local not-for-profit who will take the proceeds of this keg and $2 per pot) through this beer come out to our launch party on May 14th at The Alehouse Project where one of only two kegs of CHA will be on tap that evening. 

Good Beer Week 2014 officially kicks off two days later on May 16th at The Terminus Hotel who will be hosting the opening party for a week of amazing beery festivities. We're happy to say that we've got three beers due to be tapped up throughout the week at The Terminus, so make sure you swing past and have a gander. We'll be sending them a keg each of Chaimera (chai brown ale), Community Hop Ale and A Parisian in Moscow, our yet to be released vanilla and coffee infused Russian imperial stout. The latter is pure liquid decadence...and the perfect companion for a cool winters night.

Last but certainly not least we have a festival beer that has been specially brewed for the GABS festival which runs from May 23-25. It is an imperial IPA brewed with wheat, rye, fig and fennel seeds called Roman Recess and she is a real taste bud slapping head turner. If hops are your thing...and even more hops are really your thing, then this doozy of a brewski might just tickle your fancy.

NEWS AND BREWS - March 2014

First and foremost, for the month of March and early April we are CALLING ALL HOPS! In late April we'll be brewing a Community Hop Ale using 100% backyard/garden local Melbourne grown whole cone hops. It's harvest if you or someone you know are growing hops, please do get in touch. All proceeds of this beer will be donated to local not-for-profit 3000acres in order to sponsor a community garden and ideally develop more community hops for future Community Hop Ales. This one is going to be tasty, and it's made by your neighbours!

It's also worth mentioning another little beer that we've launched this month called Planisbeer (specs here). This is a beer that was commissioned for Planisphere and a party they we're throwing. So...having a party, want a custom beer made?

Last but certainly not least is HopFest5 launching on Friday March 25th. An entire tap takeover of Australian IPA's and hop driven beers at The Alehouse Project. We will be presenting MumbaIBA...what's that you ask? It's delicious and it will be appearing on our beers page shortly.

NEWS AND BREWS - February 2014

It's been a busy month in the brewery:

Firstly, Deep Steep #2 (a very slightly tweaked version of our first brew) is on tap right now at Brother Burger and the Marvellous Brew on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. Get down there quick as this is the last keg we will see of this beauty for a while. We sampled it when it was tapped, and it is tasting super fresh!

Our next release is already sitting waiting to go on at East of Everything in Camberwell. It's called Flor'da Grove and it is summer refreshment in a glass. Check the beers page for the run down on what to expect from this brew and we'll blast around the interwebs when the beer gets tapped.

Finally, we are in full preparation mode for Craft Beer Rising 2014. We are currently fermenting four new beers that will be pouring at The Alehouse Project from the 20th of February. There is also a sneaky preview degustation dinner on the 20th of February for those who want to get up close and personal with us, 7cent and Moon Dog. We'll be pouring a selection of beers with food to match. What beers will be on tap for the event? Check them out here!

Right, that's enough so see you all soon.

NEWS AND BREWS - January 2014

Hello again and happy holidays to all,

We have had the most amazing and busy last few weeks with launching our first keg and first beer at the Alehouse Project. It was great to see so many friends and family come and join us and enjoy Deep Steep in all of its chamomile and hoppy deliciousness! For those of you who couldn't make it or missed out (the keg somehow disappeared down the hatches in the span of roughly 24hrs), we've got just the thing for you...

There is no rest for the wicked so we are already brewing up more Deep Steep scheduled for release in late January at Brother Burger and the Marvellous Brew. We will of course keep you posted of exact dates so you can check it out.

We will be brewing up multiple new concoctions early in 2014 so keep your eyes peeled for those and anticipate some big new flavour combinations.

Cheers and see you on the bar stools!

NEWS AND BREWS - December 2013

Hello and welcome!

If you’re reading this right now that means you have successfully discovered Melbourne’s newest craft brewery. We weren’t here last week and now look…here we are!

First and foremost, we must mention something about fresh beer. Our first batch is on the way and will be hitting the taps at The Alehouse Project (98-100 Lygon St., Brunswick East) on Wednesday December 18th. If you are around town, looking for something to do, super keen on supporting local, super keen on drinking amazing beer, super keen in general or maybe just bored, please come down to The Alehouse Project and have a beer with us AND invite all your friends! What a great idea…beer + friends = amazing fun times.

What beer is that, you ask? Well it’s a delicious little invention called Deep Steep and it is described in more detail in our fancy BEERS section of the website.

We’ll be releasing more info as we go via the usual media outlets…so get following on Facebook and Twitter . It would also be really nice of you to INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO OUR BEER PARTY AT THE ALEHOUSE PROJECT!

 Ok, see ya!