NEWS AND BREWS - December 2013

Hello and welcome!

If you’re reading this right now that means you have successfully discovered Melbourne’s newest craft brewery. We weren’t here last week and now look…here we are!

First and foremost, we must mention something about fresh beer. Our first batch is on the way and will be hitting the taps at The Alehouse Project (98-100 Lygon St., Brunswick East) on Wednesday December 18th. If you are around town, looking for something to do, super keen on supporting local, super keen on drinking amazing beer, super keen in general or maybe just bored, please come down to The Alehouse Project and have a beer with us AND invite all your friends! What a great idea…beer + friends = amazing fun times.

What beer is that, you ask? Well it’s a delicious little invention called Deep Steep and it is described in more detail in our fancy BEERS section of the website.

We’ll be releasing more info as we go via the usual media outlets…so get following on Facebook and Twitter . It would also be really nice of you to INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO OUR BEER PARTY AT THE ALEHOUSE PROJECT!

 Ok, see ya!