NEWS AND BREWS - July 2014

Well the past couple of weeks have brought forward some inevitable "Melbourne style" cold weather. As a result Make Beer has purchased matching no-animals-harmed faux-fur mink hat & coat garments, for sale at our online store of course. We are also officially* dedicating ourselves to exclusively brewing dark beers only as our new niche**.

Getting down to business, dark beer. We've got two new ones for you. One of them is a real dark beer and the other is a fake dark beer. What could that possibly mean you ask?

Bangkok Nights is a black California common that has almost no associations with dark beer apart from it's near-black colour. It may possibly be the most refreshing shadow coloured beer that you've ever tasted with its fresh, slight hoppyness, light body and Thai-themed kaffir lime/lemongrass twist. It'll be popping up on the taps of Curry Cafe Northcote, Brother Burger and the Marvellous Brew, and Beer Deluxe Hawthorn.

A Russian in Kentucky is the culmination and pinnacle of all dark beers. If black beers were people they would undoubtedly work hard at their jobs, day in and day out, year after year, slowly but surely striving to get to the almost unacheivable top of the heap, the czar of all dark beers, the oak aged Russian imperial stout. If you've been struggling to grow that perfectly thick moustache, or if you've been hoping that patchy beard would eventually fill in, no need to continue hunting online for weird supplements from far-away jungles. This beer will almost certainly  (maybe) help in all hair-growth shortcomings of men and women alike. It will also be available for a very limited time during The Dark Side of Beer #2 at The Alehouse Project starting July 7th!

*not officially
**with the exception of the pale, amber, pink and rainbow coloured beers that we're sure to release along the way as well.