It's been almost six months since our last official post...rounding into December we have now reached the one year mark since our very first commercial beer release...and what a year it's been.

Our very minuscule experimental brewing project has grown slightly...from starting with 50L batches of single keg beers, to 300L batches making their way around Melbourne and in several special cases, over to Sydney as well. There have been some relatively strange ingredients used over the past year: orange water, rose water, licorice, fruit peels, ginger juice, root vegetables, excessive amonts of salt, spices, oak, coffee, molasses, Melbourne backyard grown hops, bacon!...and a whole lot of different kinds of tea.

Speaking of tea, we sign off with our last releases of 2014 for our unofficial first birthday party and High Tea event at The Alehouse Project, 6 taps of our latest concoctions, 4 of which are specialty tea infused numbers designed to toy with your taste buds. After all, it all started for us with a tasty little drop called Deep Steep (chamomile infused amber ale)...why not pay homage to our beginnings? Something I'm sure we'll continue to do for a while yet.

We must thank all of the amazing, locally minded venues and people in and around Melbourne in particular for supporting us thus far. It's been an encouraging journey with some wacky flavours, that's for sure. They will keep on coming I can promise you that. Are there any renderings of beer you might want to see come to fruition? Any intense flavour that you are dying to get into your pint? Get in touch and we might just make that happen. Stay thirsty and happy holidays!

Steve and Dan