That's not a knife. This is a knife!

Here at Make Beer we aim to approach brewing and beer with a workshop mentality. It’s about being creative, improvising, innovating, inventing and experimenting beyond the perceived norms. We want to be the multi-tool, the Swiss Army Knife, the 'can do' guy at the brewing party.

We are in perpetual transmogrification with respect to what’s brewing…there are no current ambitions to have a portfolio of beers carved in stone. Adopting this philosophy allows us to be challenging and provoking with our approach but downright delicious in our delivery.

Dan, stop standing on a box all the time in photos!
The brewery has started small utilising a nano-sized production facility; good things come in small packages right? What we lack in stature we will amply make up for in nimbleness and the freedom to concoct twisted takes on fermented gold. We take risks, brew on the edge and bring into the world strange and new styles, being devotees of the 'why not' school of thought. Enough already, our mouths are watering…come and join us for a beer!

Dan and Steve

Fa-beer-cation, this is Make Beer!